The Butcher’s Daughter

This is my latest story. It follows Colonel William Tavington as is faced with a daughter he never knew existed. Jessica Tavington, as temperamental and stubborn as her father, will at times push the colonel to his limits.


An Officer and a Gentleman

To those who know him, Marcus Bordon is the perfect gentleman, but as for those he has run through with his sabre, their opinion is perhaps a little jaded. Time and time again, Marcus has proved himself as a loyal officer, not only to the Crown, but to Tavington. True, he did not always like the colonel, especially when Tavington tried to seduce Lillie only months after their marriage. But over the years as Tavington’s adjutant, Bordon came to respect his commanding officer. However, even as their working relationship developed into friendship, Bordon was always aware of the “boundaries,” and took great care not to cross them.

Tavington was known throughout the South Carolinas as “The Butcher,” and had Marcus earned himself the reputation as “The Executioner.” Capable of setting aside emotion, Marcus carried out his orders with deadly precision. Some might even say that he seen the hunting down of rebels as nothing more than a blood sport, with the “Ghost,” Benjamin Martin, being the prized buck that both Bordon and Tavington sought to bring down.

Outside of his duties as an officer, Marcus’ world revolved around his wife, Lillie, and his daughter, Carrie. Their lives were never quite the same again though after the capture of Grace Cartwright. In the beginning Bordon, like Tavington, saw Grace as merely a means to an end. She was the daughter of a prominent rebel general, and if her “help” could bring swift victory for the British, Bordon did not care how she was treated. Grace’s selfless act in saving his wife and daughter, changed Bordon’s attitude towards Grace, and Carrie’s ever-growing love of the young woman, softened Marcus’ heart towards her.

Grace Cartwright-Tavington

In Grace Cartwright, Tavington finally met his match. Unrefined and deadly with a pistol, Grace proved more than a challenge for the colonel.  In more ways than one, Grace is very much like Tavington. She shares his deeply conflicted personality, and also his love of battle. But for Grace, she did not seek to vindicate herself, but rather, her greatest desire was to have someone protect her. And yet, her stubborn nature was unwilling to yield to such a desire. Over and over again she defied Tavington, but unknown to her, and against Tavington’s will, her actions chipped away at him, slowly destroying his defenses.

Grace and William’s relationship is  a deeply passionate one, each having an incessant need of the other, and yet, both are still fiercely independent. This was to become the basis of more than one heated argument – and no couple fights quite like the Tavingtons. Despite these rows, Grace loves William wildly, and would follow him into hell itself.

Captain Bordon

Captain Bordon plays a minor character in The Patriot, but of late he has had a central role in several Patriot fics on He is Tavington’s “right hand man” and usually the only officer who can calm the colonel down in the heat of the moment. In my most recent Patriot fic, “Fire and Ice,” I have portrayed Bordon as a “gentlemanly” solider. Whereas in an up and coming story, “The Butcher’s Daughter,” Bordon will be much more of a libertine.